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Your Consultant is Crystal Oswalt

My Story

I Saw Scentsy. I smelled Scentsy. I went and bought a Wal-mart knockoff warmer and wax! SAY WHAT? Yes, I sure did! I wanted to know how this warmer/wax thing would work. The knockoff burned my husband so then I was curious what the “real deal” REAL Scentsy would do and if it would be different? I sold my sons clothes in a children's consignment sale in March 2011 and said if I make $99 then I am going to give this a shot.

I sold enough, Signed up to be a Scentsy consultant, got my starter kit and was like WOWZER! All of this stuff? Heck if this does not work out to be a business, I still have all of this for ME! Tried the real warmer and real wax and man oh man.... I was HOOKED! No burning yourself! This was especially important since my son was 3 at the time.

Then I found out they had LIFETIME WARRANTIES? Say What? Oh yes! I am super cheap and love that I get more bang for my buck and unless someone breaks one, I get them replaced FREE for life!

As for the “Job” portion. I LOVE IT! My family and I usually work events and festivals together. If there are snow days or a sick child, I do NOT have to worry about taking vacation time from a corporate job. My baby boy LOVES that mama can now pick him up after school each day and spend homework and dinner time together. What's even BETTER? The company cares about consultants! I could spend 20 years in corporate America and the CEO may or may not care who I am, in those 20 years I MIGHT get to a higher ranking position. I can spend 2 years working for myself and the company knows my name and I am my own boss of my own business!

YOU can be your own boss as well for $99 (plus tax and shipping) you will receive all of the items you need to start YOUR own business TODAY!

Thanks to Scentsy, we have been to:

Dallas - 2011, Vegas - 2012, Indianapolis - 2013 and then as a family we have been to St Louis  - 2014, Vegas - 2015, Nashville - 2016.  We recently earned a trip to New York City in 2017 and stayed at the Grand Marquis Marriott and also earned a trip to Punta Cana in 2017. 

To join my team or to check out some of the FAQs – Click the Join Tab on this page! We get so much Free training from Scentsy, Free incentive opportunities and Awards, it is truly unbelievable

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Thank you!